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The art of visual design:
Appetizing approaches to content creation

Need a hand getting creative deliverables across the finish line? We will make everything perfectly presentable — nudge, proof, polish, retouch and other finishing touches. Or have more robust creative needs? Our team of agency-trained creative professionals can help you develop and deliver impactful visuals while adding efficiencies to production. From video, animation and audio to detailed production design and digital asset creation, see the below work samples for ways we can assist the American Bar Association.

Video + Animation


Samsung contacted us with an urgent request to produce an opening video for their president’s keynote presentation at SLUSH. The Direction: Explain “The Economy of Data.” The Requirements: Make it understandable to a global audience. The Catch: 11 days to make it happen... No problem.


We created a video to lead off the Harman President's keynote presentation at Automobil-Elektronik Kongress in Germany. The video needed to demonstrate how in the future our homes, cars, work, even our bodies will all be connected to deliver a better human experience.


Dun & Bradstreet

Our team is experienced in facilitating voiceover talent sourcing, audio sweetening, scripting for various assets. We helped the Dun & Bradstreet team prep their booth presence at Dreamforce with print and digital promotional materials, including a custom 2D animation.


Twitter OOH

Twitter I&D toolkit

Marsh McLennan case study: informative storytelling in a vibrant and digestible package.

Nouvelles Wine brochure: a delectable demonstration of drool-worthy viniculture.

Digital Creative


Our streamlined and methodical approach has led to the production of hundreds of branded toolkits + thousands of assets and hundreds of hours of saved time, helping Twitter to deploy new campaigns with a scalable, templated process and demonstrable results. 



To help the global retailer fulfill their high volume of ad sales, we help churn out deliverables with machine-like precision — across copy, design and project management while improving process and creating new efficiencies.


Our team developed a holistic system for creating expansive kits of branded assets in a predictable, repeatable fashion — beginning with stakeholder interviews. From there, a full look and feel was built out and applied across a variety of digital assets.

The North Face

Using established brand components and following a comprehensive brief, we helped the outdoor apparel retailer produce a variety of digital ads. The results were streamlined design workflows and increase the velocity, volume, and quality of output. 

Brand Templates


Our team guided Trusli through a thoughtful brand evolution, from an initial assessment into a new identity through asset creation — resulting in a cohesive brand story and a library of unique deliverables.


Long-time client, Samsung, asked us to develop branding and identity of their new autonomous driving platform. This included guidelines, assets and product naming.