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Impactful branding

Building a brand the right way empowers an organization to effectively communicate core concepts through design, messaging, and other creative components. Our team employs a holistic approach from assessment through execution that has allowed us to support global brands like Twitter, Marsh McLennan, Square, and others across a gamut of needs including the production of essential assets, logos, messaging, icons, fonts, websites, templates, and more.


Social media giant, Twitter, needed support building out a vast library of assets for their global brand refresh. The team leaned on Designerds to not only produce a myriad of deliverables from presentation templates to data visualizations, but also looked to us for consultation on best practices across various media and platforms. 

Twitter Branding Guidelines: shaping the story and the direction of the Twitter brand. 

Twitter Presentation Template: delivering fresh layouts and templates for company-wide usage.

Twitter BRGs

As the global social media brand expanded, it opened opportunities for us to support different campaigns and initiatives, ‘toolkits’ being the most frequent. These collections of sub-branded materials — emojis, swag, decks, backgrounds, animations, and so on — are used to promote, support, and amplify various internal BRGs and affinity groups with a unique look and feel that also mapped back to the parent brand.

Twitter I&D: a unique look and feel within the parent brand for business resource groups (BRGs).

Twitter Indigenous: a specialized voice and sub-brand for internal affinity groups.