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Flexible and tailored to your evolving resource demands


Tier 1

Streamline and enhance production workflows

  • Dedicated designer skilled
    in Figma, Adobe CS + more

  • Onboarding and brand training

  • Standard visual design for marketing, advertising and digital assets

  • Proofing of final layouts
    and content

  • Scaling, cropping
    and retouching

  • Finishing touches
    in-house art

Examples: corporate decks, internal-facing assets and templated design projects

Tier 2

Accelerate production of still and motion graphics

  • Everything from Tier 1, plus…

  • Advanced visual design

  • Standard illustrations

  • Infographics
    and complex layouts 

  • Light animation
    and motion graphics

  • Logo design and
    branding support

Examples: original visual design, product demos, animated graphics, and template development

Tier 3

Fulfill your most demanding creative needs

  • Everything from tiers 2, plus… 

  • Custom illustrations
    and animation

  • Conception, ideation, art direction, template design

  • Collaborative or supplemental art direction and creative direction

Examples: brand development, product videos, mood boards, and fully custom assets

Add-ons, fees, and details

  • Pricing is based on quarterly or annual retainers

  • Additional seats can be added at reduced rates

  • Project management services are available at every tier for an additional monthly fee

  • All expenses incurred on behalf of the client will be invoiced in the billing cycle in which they are incurred

Studio services

Requests for additional creative services are provided on a per project basis — requiring a separate Scope of Work and written approval before work kicks off. 

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Animation

  • Illustration

  • Project Management

  • Production Design


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

How did Designerds start?

Designerds was originally developed as an extension of ATOMIC D, our full-service creative agency, in support of clients with ongoing in-house design needs. Going back to 2014, it has since proven effective onsite or virtually for any in-house creative team.

What's the minimum commitment?

Designerds charges a flat rate fee on a monthly or quarterly basis. Launching an engagement with us includes an initial $10,000 training and setup fee applied to monthly contracts.
This fee is waived for quarterly commitments. Additional seats can be added at reduced rates.

What do I get with my Designerds subscription?

Each Designerd seat includes one dedicated full-time designer and all logistics management. Designers are assigned to work on an account for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the client's needs and engagement type. Rotation specifics will be addressed with the client during the scoping of the engagement.

How does Designerds address coverage for holidays and illness?

We developed the Designerds service so that multiple designers are trained up in a brand. This keeps in-house creative teams covered in the case of sick days, PTO and unexpected emergencies — and you never short handed. Designers rotate their schedule within a client’s team so they are always familiar across projects and initiatives and can jump in as needed without skipping a beat.

Is Designerds a staffing agency?

Designerds is not a staffing agency. It is a design-as-a-service subscription run by the ATOMIC D full-service creative agency. Clients are able to work with us in both a subscription-based capacity or on a project basis through an engagement with ATOMIC D.

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