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Our team guided Trusli through a thoughtful brand evolution, from an initial assessment into a new identity through asset creation — resulting in a cohesive brand story and a library of unique deliverables.

Services provided

visual design
project management
creative direction
art direction


Let's take a journey through the Designerds branding process to see how we landed on these final logos. 

Naming and marketing

When the Trusli team first came to us, they were actually called Slegal. In addition to a full branding service, they also wanted us to ideate new names for them too. Our marketing team went to work and studied their services carefully to best proceed with the new name. After many discussions and whiteboard sessions, our team presented them with three final options. Their team decided to go with the name Trusli, as it was a trustworthy name for a reliable company. 

Moodboard explorations

We started with mood board explorations to see how the Trusli team wanted to be seen. We grabbed inspiration that leaned on the act of trust, as that was their main goal as a lawyer service company. 

Logo V1

After selecting a look and feel from the mood boards, we proceeded to ideate the initial logo.
We explored both logotype and logomark options. 

Logo V2

The Trusli team narrowed down the options to these four that you see below. The T is a prominent design feature throughout all of these logos.