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Inktober 2023: Designerds Remix!

Another Inktober has come and gone, and boy was it a fun one. Many artists who join in on this annual ritual of producing — or attempting to produce — daily drawings pull from the prompts provided on The results are as unique and varied as each person who puts pen to paper, and can be experienced across several digital or social media platforms via the #Inktober hashtag.

This year, we approached the challenge with our own creative spin, developing a custom prompt with topics centered around design-inspired concepts and bucketed into four weekly themes: Principle, Tools, Skills, and Trends/Styles.

Each participant added their name next to one or more topics of their choosing and got to work! A variety of tools and techniques were used spanning pen and pencil, Figma, Procreate, and more. The result: a fun and fresh showcase of the diverse set of skills we house here at Designerds.

Take a look at how the month rolled out and all the great artwork born out of the task.

Get Your ‘Inking’ Caps On!

Week 1: Principles
  • Balance: Nyree Wright, Visual Designer

  • Scale: Nyree Wright, Visual Designer

  • Pattern: Peter Williams, Founder and CEO

  • Rhythm: Kelly Strodl, Digital Marketing Director

Week 2: Tools
  • Figma: Natasha Price, Jr. Visual Designer

  • Camera: Jay-Aaron Cariaga, Sr. Visual Designer

Week 3: Skills
  • UX/UI: Cate Pagilla, Visual Designer

  • Illustration: Riri Tamura, Visual Designer

Week 4: Styles & Trends
  • Vector: Nyree Wright, Visual Designer

  • Escapism: Natasha Price, Jr. Visual Designer

Inktober is a relaxing way for our designers to take a spotlight for their work and show off their ink-redible ;) talents outside of client-related work. Make sure to follow us on our social platforms so you can tune in for our next Designerds Inktober adventure!


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