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The Fantasy of Good External Design Support

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In this volatile business environment, finding and onboarding external talent to support your remote creative teams is a perilous pain in the ass. To survive the past several months, you have likely downsized your team, but now business is heating up. With the economy returning you need support, but it’s still too soon to trust the economy to bring employees back full-time.

As the person in charge of keeping projects resourced, you may be considering hiring freelance talent, but finding the right fit is overwhelming in and of itself. With droves of freelance applications and staffing agencies claiming to have your back, how can you possibly sift through the portfolios and trust what you’re being sold? And if and when you do find someone who checks your boxes on paper, how do you get them up to speed on your brand when your hands are already full and your existing team is all hands on deck?

Finding people who call themselves designers is easy. Finding people who are actually trained and skilled in graphic design, knowledgeable and capable in the use of contemporary design software, and who have the soft-skills to seamlessly integrate into the workflows and culture of your creative department or team is nearly impossible. Without time dedicated to sourcing freelance support the results can often be underwhelming, if not a complete waste of resources and time. And without in-person interaction, how can you trust their skillset is what they say it is? You and your brand simply can’t afford to strike out on talent when every dollar of your budget is essential. With help desperately needed, where can you look for trustworthy support that won’t waste your time or break your back at staffing agency rates?

Say you do find someone to onboard. Training and managing supplemental creative resources is a hassle as it is. Getting people up-to-speed on your brand guidelines, understanding your processes, and fluent in contemporary software is time consuming. Not to mention any onboarding and training will have to be done remotely. Beyond onboarding, just managing schedules, time off requests, sick days is a nightmare. Your job is assuring your projects are resourced with skilled capable people, but you can easily become bogged down by keeping quality support on your team. With help desperately needed, where can you look for hassle-free support that comes ready to get to work?

At ATOMIC D we have recognized the need for a solution to the challenges faced working with freelancers and creative staffing agencies for external design support. You need a service to help you bring on the design support you can trust, rely on and afford, without any of the hassle of onboarding and management, allowing you to remain lean and focused as the new business as usual takes form.

Finding good design support is not a fantasy. Enter Designerds, the unicorn of supplemental design staffing to compliment your internal creative team.

Designerds is a one-of-a-kind Design as a Service solution which guarantees agency-level graphic designers to facilitate design services to compliment your internal creative teams. Everyday we deliver our highest caliber designers trained and tested in your brand and experienced in the tools and workflows you use to provide superior design services in support of you and your team. And we handle just about everything so you never have to stress about sourcing, training, hiring, schedule management, or estimates. We cover employment, HR, benefits, and PTO. Just one flat fee a month, based on freelance rates.

Drop the nonsense. Experience hassle-free. Visit to learn more.


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